Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions I imagine some of you have about the Nourish Me superfood supplement. Please feel free to send me any questions that haven't been covered here.

What is the best way to store the Nourish Me powder?

NM powder likes to be kept cool and dry once opened. It will have a longer shelf life with more potent power if you keep it in the fridge. If you leave it in the trunk of your hot car for a week, your delicate superfoods will get sad.


Oops! We left it out on the counter for a few weeks,  is it still good?

Yes, it is still good. Just use it up and get some fresh powder soon.


I can't easily get my scooper back in to the bottle~ any suggestions?

I usually put mine back handle first and it slides right in :)


What serving size do you suggest?

I say start small (half scoop or a sprinkle) so you get to know how it performs and mixes. I find that in a smoothie or kefir you can go much bigger than in yogurt and applesauce. A litte bit goes a long way- even a half of a scoop is providing billions of probiotics, over 100% of Vitamin C and tons of antioxidants. And as far as "too much"... it's really up to you. I have a friend who limits her daughter to 3 scoops a day ;)


What about the iron and how much of this stuff can my child safely eat in a day?

Good question, I'm glad you asked. Nourish Me powder provides 2 mg of iron per scoop. The tolerable upper limit for kids is 40 mg daily (20 servings of powder) and a dangerous dose is 200 mg (over 3 bottles in one day). So it's safe to say: don't worry about it.


What's your return policy?

If you receive a bottle that's damaged in any way, we will of course take it back. Please let us know within one week of receipt so we return your money before our credit card company makes it challenging. We will not honor a return of product if your child gets upset that Nourish Me turns her yogurt into a color that clashes with her dress. ;)


At what age can I start giving this to my baby?

I gave this (or a similar version of it) to my kids starting at about 9-10 months. I recommend waiting until you have moved through the experimental stage where you are trying one food at a time. Once you feel you have a good sense of your kids' tolerance to foods you can give it a whirl (and send some pictures of that purple mustache!)


I see your bottle is 330 grams, but how big is that? 

It's about 5 inches tall, or approximately 4 matchbox cars piled high. Much bigger than a typical bottle of vitamins. It contains 30 scoops of 11 grams which is like a very heaping Tbsp.


We love this stuff, can we get it in bulk?

Sure, give me a call. 


I am a physician or store owner and I would like to carry your product, is that possible?

Yes, you can but with a smaller margin than you may be used to. The reason is that my raw materials are so expensive (no compromises made!), that there isn't enough room to have typical wholesale prices. I would LOVE to see it at every clinic and store around, and if you would like to carry it for a smaller margin or consignment, please get in touch! You can of course just send folks to my website too. Thanks! 


I am having a hard time justifying spending $52.00 for a nutritional powder for my kids, can you help me feel better about this?

YES! This is not a cheap product, I understand that fully. I had opportunities every step of the way to reduce the price by reducing the quality of this product. I had to really keep myself in check to make sure that I could stand behind my claim that Nourish Me is pristinely sourced, and the most potent product of the highest quality. I personally supply my manufacturer with the Acai powder because I insisted on using Samabazon brand Acai instead of an inferior source. I chose a probiotic that is shelf stable, and hence twice the price. If I applied the industry standard price mark-up to my product, it would be much more expensive. And if you think about it, one serving is $1.70 which is less than a cup of coffee AND perhaps the most nutritious thing you or your kid will eat all day. And if that doesn't help, think of all the adorable purple mustaches in your future :)