I'd like to thank all of those who contributed their spectacular work to the creation of Nourish Me and my Superfood Supplement. You each brought amazing creativity, thoughtfulness and support to this project, making it even better than I could have imagined. (And to my friends and family I can't thank you enough for your incredible loving encouragement when I really needed it the last few years).

In gratitude, Erika xoxo

Brand, website, and print design and development (and godsend)

Jerusha Design

Editor, wordsmith, handholder, alchemist

Francesca Preston

Video editor and adored uncle Craig

Craig Ernst

Videographer and mensch

Gabe Paez

Stunning photographer and Jane of all trades

Charlotte Wood

Brand advisor, cheerleader

Jordan Atlas

Generous business coach

Jarad Scher

Details man, family genius and generally incredible brother!

Leigh Ballen