We all want our kids to be vital, no matter what. With one hearty scoop of Nourish Me powder you can rest assured that your child's day has been fortified with essential nutrients for healthy growth and healing. Simply eight organic ingredients: whole superfoods with minimal processing and intense nutritional value. One bite is worth its weight in gold- so SCOOP IT ON!


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Getting good stuff into your kid's diet is easier than you think! Mix this purple powder into creamy foods like yogurt, oatmeal and smoothies and you immediately super charge your food and your entire body. Nourish Me supplies nutrients that are often lacking and are needed for strong immunity and health. Designed by a Naturopathic physician for her kids and yours- who knows how the body loves to be fed.

"Dr. Erika Siegel is a master of organic intelligent food. Her Nourish Me super food powder is filled to the brim with conscious, well researched, brain-giving nutrition that will supplement your child's diet; it's an easy addition that is nutrient-rich and delicious."

Doniel Drazin M.D.

Immune Boosting

Infectious critters and environmental toxins are a reality in modern life. Nourish Me powder provides 300% of a child’s RDA of vitamin C; over 100% of vitamin A and iodine; literally billions of probiotics, and antioxidants galore. Now that’s strong protection to greet the day with!

Brain Building

The brain loves to eat up essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) as well as bathe in protective antioxidants (like those found in Nourish Me’s acai and spirulina).  And with 100% of iodine needs met, let’s just say your kid’s got the makings for a healthy noggin up there!

Belly Balancing

Probiotics are your belly’s best friend. With one scoop of Nourish Me you get 3 billion friends working hard to tend the ever-changing “garden” in the gut. Live active cultures are amazingly beneficial for digestion, skin, and immunity in general. Who wouldn’t want to cultivate a friendship like that?!

Allergy Squashing

Oh those evil histamines! They can make us snotty, sneezy, sniffly, itchy and even farty. Luckily, high doses of vitamin C come quickly to the rescue, stabilizing those nasty histamine-making cells. And when we bring in the aid of live active cultures, we can potentially avoid those allergies from even being invited to the party.

Skin Healing

No childhood is without its boo-boos and bruises. Other common skin issues include eczema, acne, or just plain old super-sensitive skin. Nourish Me powder is full of vitamins A and C, and probiotics, all of which our outer layer soaks up gratefully.

Basically Grows Strong Healthy Kids
(and grown ups too)

Supplement Facts (click to view enlarged image)

At a glance
1 scoop provides:

~ 150%Vitamin A
~ 300% Vitamin C
~ 25% Iron
~ 100% Iodine
~ 3 billion probiotics
~ 2 grams healthy fats
~ 4 grams protein

* These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. This supplement is not intended to diagnose or treat disease.