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Nourish Me Recipe Book :: Wholesome recipes and education to nourish the whole family

Like having a Naturopathic physician hanging out in your kitchen while you cook! This book holds in its pages the nuts and bolts on nutrition, kids' health and how to heal and support well-being with food and home remedies. Chock-full of resources and practical tips, as well as simple and delicious recipes for the whole family.

This book will guide you to think outside of the (cereal) box for breakfast as well as provide ideas for quick and wholesome lunch and dinners (that the whole family will be excited to eat!). The bottom line of my book is that kids can (and should) eat what grown ups eat, and we may need to change the way we look at "kid-friendly" food. 

This book provides support and education in a direct and light manner. You will enjoy learning about Chinese and Western nutrition as well as natural medicine that's research-based and easy to digest. My goal is that you will feel inspired to make healthy changes in your family's life and share the gospel with your community. This is not just for the natural parenting community- it's for everybody!

Other than fabulous recipes you can look forward to chapters like; "Healthy Digestion", "Food As Medicine", "Earth's Most Awesome Foods", "The Dairy Dilemma" and much more. For some people the best part is that it comes with a wallet guide for the market so you can for once and for all remember which foods are most important to buy organic, which fats and sugars to avoid and how to build a healthy meal on the fly! It's all very exciting folks... and it's coming soon!! 


Coming Soon

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