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© 2017 by Erika Siegel

About Dr. Erika

Dr. Erika Siegel,
naturopathic doctor, mom, and health educator, is dedicated to the health of the next generation

I am a mom, physician, health educator, and wife: by nature, a juggler of life’s abundance. I have the honor to practice and preach Naturopathic medicine in Portland, Oregon, where my practice focuses on family medicine. I studied both Western and Eastern Medicine at the National University of Naturopathic Medicine, and practice a lively marriage of the two.  My patients, family, community and the magical Northwest inspire me into action and fill my heart.


It is with excitement that I share this labor of love: a website filled with tips and tools to encourage sound nutrition and healthy habits in your life. My goal is to bring more vitality to your family and make the balancing act of parenting a bit easier. 


As a conscientious physician and zealous mother, I’m frequently asked to share my opinion on supplementation, healing, and nutrition. Unable to find the resources that I wanted as a parent, Nourish Me™ was born!


When not doctoring, writing, or scheming up recipes for the Nourish Me book, I enjoy spending time with my loving (and very patient) husband, two adorable sons, and muddy dog. I encourage you to explore this website and become part of our broader family: check out the blog, learn about our awesome superfood products, discover my favorite supplements, and please sign up to be alerted for the Nourish Me book completion. (You may actually hear me rejoicing from over here, but sign up anyway!) ♥

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