This oil may just change your life


Argan and Rose come together in this absolutely luxurious and delicious skin serum. My friends and patients quickly report softer, more pliable skin, with reduced redness, lines and wrinkles. Argan and rose have been used for centuries to rejuvenate the skin with a beautiful smell that lifts the mood instantly. Some people feel worried that putting oil on their face will create break-outs. In most cases that just isn't true! Apply all over your face, neck and even chest and fall in love with your skin. I use this generously every night and also a few drops in the morning. My face seems to crave it.

Other life-changing things for your skin: Drink lots of water and add electrolyte powder 1-2 x daily (trust me!), skin scrubbing (you'll never stop once you start) and eat healthy fats! 


Ingredients: Certified organic virgin cold-pressed oil of cosmetic grade argan kernel (Argania spinosa), hazelnut oil (Corylus americana), certified organic olive oil squalene (Olea europea), and organic Rose essential oil and Rose absolute (both Rosa damascena)


About the Ingredients
Argan oil is an excellent skin nutritive and antioxidant that deeply restores, regenerates and hydrates the skin. It excells at evening out and brightening skin color, relaxing lines, softening wrinkles and reducing shadows under the eyes. Used long-term, it will protect the skin from environmental and internal free-radical damage, thereby preventing skin aging and maintaining it in optimal condition.

Our cosmetic-grade argan oil is sustainably harvested and expeller pressed by a Berber women's coop in the Moroccan Sahara desert. It is virgin cold-pressed using traditional artisan methods and is certified organic.


Hazelnut oil absorbs quickly, enhances the actions of argan oil and provides further support. Nourishing, emollient, moisturizing and gently stimulating to the skin, hazelnut is also restructuring and slightly astringent. It therefore also provides an additional toning and firming effect, and prevents dehydration.


Olive oil squalene is the botanical answer to shark squalene (which should no longer be used for reasons of animal cruelty and unsustainability). A supreme antioxidant, olive squalene absorbs rapidly and, like argan oil, helps protect the skin from environmental and internal free-radical damage, thereby preventing skin aging. It works in superb synergy with the vegetable and essential oils in this unique serum. Its actions are deeply moisturizing and regenerating to skin cells, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and relieving chronic roughness and dryness.


Rose essential oil is supremely moistening, emollient and calming to the skin. It also aids the regeneration of skin cells and helps with moisture retention. Rose oil has a stellar reputation for softening lines and wrinkles, and for restoring a fresh, dewy complexion.


Rose absolute is included for its euphoric fragrance of freshly-picked roses, as well as for enhancing many of the properties of Rose essential oil.


Directions: For best results apply this serum lightly, using upward strokes. Use once or twice daily for continuous improvement.

Argan & Rose Rejuvenating Antiwrinkle Organic Facial Serum, 1 oz