Electrolytes change the surface tension of the water you drink, allowing for better absorption and hydration. This refines cell-to-cell communication, helping your brain and body respond quickly.


If I see a patient with dry skin, unquenchable thirst, and frequent urination, I prescribe electrolytes and see amazing results. Electrolytes are especially important for anyone who is active and sweats a lot. This easy-to-drink powder supplies electrolytes as well as extra vitamins and minerals for enhanced physical and mental stamina. For a super-charged drink add in some Magnelevures. And you can drink your daily dose of awesomeness in a stainless steel water bottle that will remind you to nourish yourself well.

Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme contains a broad spectrum of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins in each serving. Replenish and rehydrate your body by adding one scoop of Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme to your water for a refreshing and nourishing energy-boosting beverage.


Servings Per Container: 60

Mix 1 scoop of Electrolyte Supreme with 8 oz. of water. Enjoy once or twice daily. Or use as directed by your healthcare professional.


Provides a broad profile of important minerals and electrolytes.
Uses only the best ingredients in their active, bioavailable forms.
Good source of active B complex vitamins to support energy production.
Includes dimagnesium malate for superior absorption.
Contains no sugar and no calories so you can enjoy it guilt free!


Replenish minerals, b-vitamins, and electrolytes lost daily through sweat, urination, occasional diarrhea and exercise.
Promote healthy relaxed muscle tone and function.
Promote athletic recovery.
Support steady energy production.
Enhance hydration.
Maintain proper fluid balance within cells.
Support nerve impulses from nervous system to othe