Don’t forget the powerful vitamin C!! Vitamin C is involved in a zillion metabolic processes in the body.


PROPER doses of C strongly supports the immune system (and reduces symptoms in minutes). It also plays a key role in collagen repair and formation (helping joints and connective tissue)‚ antioxidant protection (cancer prevention!)‚ heart health (it keeps the vessels supple which reduces high blood pressure), energy production‚ detoxification and more. 


Potent C  Guard is a pH-balanced‚ allergen-free‚ vegetarian and completely buffered mineral ascorbate (vitamin C), meaning its gentle on the belly (but divide your dialy dose over the day to avoid loose stools). The amount of vitamin C one needs depends on their level of stress‚ exposure to toxins and alkaline reserve and is best taken several times a day since it is water soluble and doesn’t stick around for long. 


What Sets Potent C Guard Apart from the Rest? 

Potent C Guard by Perque prevents free radicals from harming the ascorbate. The cofactors‚ metabolites and transporters included in Potent C Guard work to enhance the body’s absorption rate and tissue action. With Potent C Guard‚ you don’t have to worry about any of the side effects that you might encounter while taking other‚ inferior vitamin C supplements. 


This supplement contains an adequate balance of the essential minerals: potassium‚ magnesium‚ calcium and zinc. Studies have shown that most Americans are deficient in one or more of these key minerals due to food processing‚ toxins‚ ill health or stress. 


Mix this powder with water or juice. ½ teaspoon twice daily is a good starting point for most people, take more often if warding off or treating an infection. 

Perque Potent C Guard