Your vagina deserves to be happy.

The vaginal tissue loves this luxurious oil. Many women feel disconnected from their pelvic region, especially if they have experienced pain, trauma or abuse. This beautifully nourishing oil can help rebuild this important relationship and ease discomfort. Triple Goddess oil assists with vaginal itching, dehydration, laxity and thinning. It also balances the pelvic PH and directly benefits the reproductive organs. This is the perfect oil to use after labor, or when the vaginal tissue needs healing. Rose Oil Vaginal Serum is also safe and amazing for use as a sensual lubricant and for improving libido. Apply after a hot shower or bath for maximum benefits.

Directions: Use one to three pumps (1-3 ml) per direct application. Use often with love for your beautiful self.

Ingredients: Hazelnut oil (Corylus avellana), organic Damask rose oil (Rosa damascena), natural vitamin E

Triple Goddess Rose Oil Vaginal Serum, 1 oz