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  • Easy & Delicious

  • Immune Boosting

  • Skin Healing

  • Brain Building

  • Belly Balancing

  • Allergy Squashing

Grows strong, healthy kids

(and grown ups too!)

We all want our kids to be vital, no matter what.


With one hearty scoop of Nourish Me powder, you can rest assured that your child's day has been fortified with essential nutrients for healthy growth and healing. Simply eight organic ingredients: whole superfoods with minimal processing and intense nutritional value. One bite is worth its weight in gold - so


Immune Boosting

Infectious critters and environmental toxins are a reality in modern life. Nourish Me powder provides 300% of a child’s RDA of vitamin C, over 100% of vitamin A and iodine, literally billions of probiotics, and antioxidants galore. Now that’s strong protection to greet the day with!

Skin Healing

No childhood is without its boo-boos and bruises. Other common skin issues include eczema, acne, or just plain old super-sensitive skin. Nourish Me powder is full of vitamins A and C, as well as probiotics, which our outer layer soaks up gratefully.

Brain Building

The brain loves to eat up essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) as well as bathe in protective antioxidants (like those found in Nourish Me’s acai and spirulina). And with 100% of iodine needs met, let’s just say your kid’s got the makings for a healthy noggin up there!

Belly Balancing

Probiotics are your belly’s best friend. One scoop has 3 billion best friends working hard to tend the ever-changing “garden” in the gut. Live active cultures are amazingly beneficial for digestion, skin, and immunity. Who wouldn’t want to cultivate a friendship like that?!

Allergy Squashing

Oh those evil histamines! They can make us snotty, sneezy, sniffly, itchy, and even farty. Luckily, high doses of vitamin C come quickly to the rescue, stabilizing those nasty histamine-making cells. And when we enlist live active cultures, we can potentially avoid those allergies from even being invited to the party.

At a Glance

1 scoop provides:

  • 150% Vitamin A

  • 300% Vitamin C

  • 25% Iron

  • 100% Iodine

  • 3 billion probiotics

  • 2 grams healthy fats

  • 4 grams protein


For the ways the body

loves to be fed

Does not contain gluten, dairy, soy, added sugar, corn, unhealthy fats, or anything artificial

(of course!)

What is it made of?
It's actually pretty simple. I chose eight of the earth's most powerful organic superfoods — painstakingly selected for their nutritional accolades, quality, and safety for children.  With minimal extraction, smooshing, processing, or messing around, you are getting intense nutrition in its whole form, the way nature intended.

A vibrant berry hailing from the Amazonian rain forest, acai’s antioxidant power outshines every other berry around. Other bragging rights include healthy fat (instead of sugar) and super delicious taste.

A small seed with an impressive bio. High in protein, fiber, minerals and healthy fat, this seed deserves to be eaten by the handful. Hemp seeds help the body sustain energy, build muscles, heal from injuries, and feel fab in general!

Growing bodies need lots of protein, and in my book, this one is the best. Sprouting wakes up the rice to its full potential and makes this protein easily absorbed, so you don’t need as much to build up those strong bodies!

Our bodies, inside and out, are teeming with bacteria. Digestive and immune health depend on balance, so that the bad critters don’t get out of hand. It’s a microcosmic jungle out there, and my mantra for keeping the peace is: you gotta have good bugs!

Gorgeous red beets are full of antioxidants and vitamins galore! The liver particularly loves beets because they promote detoxification and healing. Texts throughout history—from ancient China to the Talmud—teach that beets promote strong blood & long life. Enough said.

I think it’s safe to say that if you had to thrive on a single food from the planet, spirulina would be it. Perhaps the most nutrient-dense and balanced of all the super foods, this blue-green algae is full of chlorophyll and carotenes, and a little bit goes a long way.

Acerola soaks in the sunshine and delivers it back to our bodies in the form of vitamin C. We all love vitamin C for its immune-boosting power, as well as skin-healing and allergy-stabilizing properties. And catch this: acerola juice contains 3000% more vitamin C than O.J.!

Hooray for seaweed! Dulse offers a wealth of powerful minerals from the sea; essential nutrients that ya can’t get anywhere else. Iodine is the real show-stopper here, feeding the thyroid and the brain simultaneously.

simply scoop it on

and mix it in!

Use a little, use a lot... get creative and have fun watching your food swirl with beautiful purple hues. Here are some


Food Combinations

The easiest way to use Nourish Me is to add it to a drink or a soft or creamy food. It turns your food purple with little change in flavor.

  • Smoothies

  • Yogurt

  • Milk

  • Oatmeal

  • Applesauce


  • Baby Mush
  • Honey
  • Nut butters

  • Jam

  • Ice cream


Smoothie Recipe

the Nourish Me

  • 1 cup vanilla hemp (or any other) milk

  • 1 banana (fresh or frozen)

  • 1 tbsp almond butter

  • 1 scoop Nourish Me Superfood Supplement


Blend and enjoy!

Will my kids like it?

It's hard to make something that pleases everyone's palate while keeping the integrity of a high-quality nutritional powder, but I have done my best! Nourish Me tastes slightly sweet and nutty with a hint of sea salt. Not only does it turn the food a beautiful purple color, but mixed in the right food—tastes pretty darn good!

See for yourself    

My kids really did like it! My 4 year old son, Reese, was licking it off his open-faced PB&J, and pinching the excess off the plate to eat. I will definitely make good use of it at home!



Becca, mom of 2

Scroll through above to read our testimonials, or see them all below. 


My kids really did like it! My 4 year old son, Reese, was licking it off his open-faced PB&J, and pinching the excess off the plate to eat. I will definitely make good use of it at home!

Becca, mom of 2

As a physician and a mother I am so impressed with the work Dr. Siegel has done with Nourish Me. She has taken some of the highest quality and most nutritious foods and placed them synergistically into a whole food supplement that is incredibly easy to implement into my child’s diet.

Nourish Me is evidence of Dr. Siegel’s dedication to quality and nutrition. Nourish Me is a great way for children and adults to get many of the supplements they often seek/need to take individually. However, when taken individually the cost is much greater.

Imagine your child repeatedly asking “Mommy, can I have some Nourish Me???” It’s a questions that you’ll not only love to hear but you will love to say “YES”!.  How could you not?

Wendy Abraham ND, mom of 2

My 6 year old, Isabella, starting eating Nourish Me Superfood when she was 4 years old and has loved it. She actually chides my husband when he forgets to put it into her pb&j! When I first asked her how she liked it, she said "It doesn't taste!". She loves it in her sandwiches, yogurt, ice cream and more. And now I'm thrilled to find that my little 1 year old, Charlotte, also has an affinity for it. I add it to her morning oatmeal or yogurt and she literally grabs at the jar for more! We are so fortunate to have met Erika, and I have been privileged to work with her on the Nourish Me brand. Her ideas, her approach to health and good food, and her spirit have enriched our lives beyond measure. Thank you, Erika!

Talie Blumm, Jerusha Design & mom of 2

Erika Siegel has earned 110% of my trust when it comes to the health of the ones I love most in the world. Besides being an incredibly well-educated and well-respected expert in her field, Erika is completely accessible, authentic, warm, empathic, generous, and deeply caring. To receive a treatment from her is to be in the hands of the “best of the best” a wise, intuitive, and natural-born healer. Erika loves what she does and genuinely wants to make optimal health something that is accessible to everyone. Nourish Me is a creation of her knowledge, energy, and vision. Therefore, it is packed not only with the most intelligent nutrients of the highest integrity, it also has her energy infused into it, which means it contains all the pure love that could possibly flow from a human being. Personally knowing that Dr. Siegel is the originator of this product, I absolutely cannot wait to add this supplement to my children’s smoothies every day.

Traci Marx, PhD Clinical Psychologist, & mother of 2

Dr. Erika Siegel is the only person I call during challenging times regarding my family’s health. I am always comfortable with her assessments, and her treatments work every time. It is truly incredible!  Dr. Siegel has complete understanding of the body’s nutritional needs and, when necessary, the appropriate dietary supplements to prescribe.  Her knowledge of the long-term consequences and benefits of the foods we eat have changed my entire outlook on health, my lifestyle, and my family’s diet. Dr. Siegel truly believes that optimal health and nutrition is within reach.  Her tone is warm and consistent and her treatments are intuitive and accessible.  Nourish Me is the exact supplement I’ve been searching for and I cannot wait to give it to my son!  Because Dr. Siegel created it, I know that it contains the highest quality ingredients; the most carefully selected, balanced nutrition; and has been created with the clearest and purest of intention.

Jamie Atlas, mom of 2

How much of this stuff can I eat in a day? I love it! I carry it in my car to add in my chai every morning! 

Craig, Grown-up

I love it (made a smoothie first thing after my appointment). They love it.

Thank you for making this wonderful product. You are the best.

Gretchen, Mom of 2

Dr. Erika Siegel has been the ultimate authority for my health for over a decade. She is natural and intuitive healer, unlike anyone else I have ever met.

I am currently pregnant with my first child and in this process I have encountered a variety of unfamiliar feelings and anxiety-producing symptoms. Dr. Siegel is calming, empathic, reassuring and incredibly astute in suggesting holistic methods of healing that address the root cause and have greatly improved my health, comfort, and emotional well-being.

I feel so fortunate to have benefited from of Dr. Siegel’s expertise in my life and it is a blessing that Nourish Me will cast the net of her wisdom and healing powers much wider.

Julie MArx MFT, mom of 2

Mommy- can I have Nourish Me for lunch? Just plain, on a plate?

Devi, Age 3

I've tried other powder super foods and most of them don't taste good or they've got too much stevia/sweetener and taste way too sweet and artificial. Also your ingredients and their quality are the above and beyond anything else out there. I am so grateful to you for pioneering this product.

G.T., Portland Mom of 2

My 3 year old daughter asks for Nourish Me by name and loves to eat it alone on a plate with a spoon.  She insists on having the bottle right next to her while eating it and she loves to scoop it out her self.  She has also enjoyed it in applesauce and in a refreshing morning smoothie.  My only trouble is once she gets some, I have a hard time getting it away from her!

W.A., Mom of 2 Nourish Me Fans

Playdate with FIVE hungry girls at my house today...Five hungry-after-school bellies...fed by five smoothies with Nourish Me which led to five happy smiles. 
1. It's gooood.
2. It's the best berry milkshake ever.
3. It's better than the regular smoothie.
4. I like it.
5. Can we have more?

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