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Have you always wanted a cheat sheet to bring with you to the market to know which ingredients are best to look for and the ones that are best left on the shelf? How about a fast reference guide to help you choose the healthiest fats and proteins so your diet can be more varied and support your health with good food-sourcing (remember: source is everything!). Well we have you covered!


Welcome to The Nourish Me Kitchen Shopping guide. 


This sleek, laminated guide (the size of a piece of paper folded in half) contains the following for your quick reference: 


  • 13 foods to include in your diet to enhance your immunity
  • Best sources of fat, protein, carbohydrates
  • How to choose sweet sources wisely 
  • The "Dirty Dozen" (+3 ) and "Clean 15" (when to prioritize organic)
  • Healthiest sources for animal products


Shop with confidence with this easy cheat sheet to get the best foods for you and your family!

NMK Shopper's Guide

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