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SW Portland Clinic

My office is located in SW Portland, 10 minutes from downtown. Directions and details will be provided when you schedule your first appointment.

Dr. Erika Siegel, ND, LAc,
founder of Nourish Me, is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, mom, and health educator. She offers whole-bodied health care and inspiration to thrive.

Being a physician is more than a job or a career; it is the fabric of who I am: a person continuously humbled by the mystery of the human body, the webs we weave together, and this beautiful planet we share. My consistent curiosity in the healing arts is fueled by my desire to comfort suffering, and to help people to feel harmony within themselves so they can live into the fullness of their being. We have one life, and I know that we deserve to feel as well as possible, do good work, and leave this place better than we found it. My patients, family, community, and the magical Northwest inspire me into action and fill my heart, allowing me to show up whole-heartedly to the healer’s path.

In 1998 I began my doctoral studies in both Western and Eastern Medicine at the National University of Naturopathic Medicine, and I now practice a lively marriage of the two modalities. I am a life-long learner, “a seeker,” and I continuously hone my skills and expand my toolkit to include knowledge and therapies from around the globe -- from ancient practices to modern conventional medicine. To me, anything that supports wellness and relieves suffering can be considered therapeutic, and I stay open to it all. And I have learned that the most simple practices, like foundational self-care, are perhaps the most profound. 

I strongly believe that the body has an inherent ability, and desire, to heal. My goal is to facilitate that process by first helping you discover the obstacles to your healing. I want to hear your story; it’s as important as any medical test, and I listen with a compassionate ear. When I am with you, I strive to give you 100% of my attention and work from my heart, as I believe there is no other way to practice medicine.

I work alongside my patients, encouraging you to take an active role in your health. I do not practice “green” allopathic medicine (meaning I do not just hand you an herbal supplement to replace a pharmaceutical); instead I ask a lot of questions and do a thorough investigation (which may include lab testing and imaging) in our pursuit of finding the root cause of imbalance or illness. My treatment plans may require some hard work on your end, but if you are not up for that right now, I will support you where you are in this moment. 

Yes, I can just treat symptoms, especially to give you short-term relief, but my ultimate goal is to get you to a deeper state of healing and balance which also includes empowering you to live your authentic self. I understand and respect that you are an individual and your health plan will be unique to you in this time. I primarily utilize acupuncture, nutrition education, herbal medicine, selective supplementation, soft tissue work, and lifestyle counseling. My spa-like “table sessions” include both acupressure massage and acupuncture needling and are designed to be deeply relaxing and even transformative. I want to help you feel the profound ease and harmony that is possible in your body.

Maintaining the balance of mind, body, and spirit is the foundation of my philosophy. Prevention is the cornerstone of my naturopathic approach, and I am happy to evaluate all areas of your health and make suggestions for optimization, even in the absence of symptoms.

Combining the tools and wisdom from East and West that I learned in medical school and honed in clinical experience, I offer truly holistic health care. I love this work and consider it an honor and privilege to be invited into the lives of my patients.

The Nourish Me Clinic is located on a tree-filled property in SW Portland, about 10 minutes from downtown.

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Amy Hatfield, office manager

Amy grew up in Santa Cruz, CA, deep in the redwoods. She enjoys spending time with her friends, hula hooping, and biking. She has 2 cats who are the light of her life.

Amy went to UC Santa Cruz and got her BA in Photography, but she quickly realized she was more interested in helping people. She spent many years as a Chiropractic Assistant before she moved on to become a Paralegal, after which she worked in television as an Associate Producer.

Having struggled with her own digestive and health issues, she is now excited to work with Dr. Siegel and Nourish Me to help our patients get the best, most loving care possible!

Get in touch with Amy for questions regarding supplements, scheduling, prescription concerns (after contacting your pharmacy for prescription refill), or other questions about the Nourish Me Clinic:

About Canyon

Schedule your first visit

To schedule your first visit with Dr. Siegel, please contact her office manager, Amy, via the form below.

If you are wondering if Dr. Siegel is an appropriate fit for you, please read her bio and the FAQs, and then send any remaining questions to Amy.

Dr. Siegel is taking a limited number of new patients. If you have been referred by another practitioner or a current patient, please indicate that in the form below.

Thank you for getting in touch! We'll get back to you shortly.

Visit the clinic

Our office is located in SW Portland, 10 minutes from downtown. Directions and details will be provided when you schedule your first appointment.

Visit the shop

You can order supplements and self-care items

even before you meet with me. Please visit the shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click below to learn more about Dr. Siegel's practice, including her treatment ideology, rates, insurance coverage, and more.

If you are a Wieden+Kennedy employee, please read the following FAQs to learn about W+K-specific information and details.

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Current Patients

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I consider a current patient to be someone I've worked with in the past 6 years.

If it has been longer than that, let's get a fresh start: jump down to the New Patients area.

Are YOU a current patient?

Schedule Online

Use the button below to schedule a phone visit

 or an in-person visit at the SW Portland clinic

Patient Portal

For patient info, lab results, scheduling, and communication, please log in to your patient portal. You will need new log-in credentials if you haven't yet seen me in the last 2 years. Note that you can schedule appointments via the "Schedule" buttons on this page, or from inside the portal.


To set up your new Charm account, you will need to LOG OUT of the old Bambu account, and then request an invite to the new portal by emailing All scheduled patients will automatically be invited to the new portal (and will need to LOG OUT before being able to access the new one).

Supplements & Natural Pharmacy

Looking to re-order?

We are happy to re-order your supplements for you, even if we don't carry them in our shop. If you choose to use our concierge service, please click below to send your order to our office. Amy will send you a link to your personalized shopping cart within 24 hours. Once you check out, we will have your items sent to your door.

Want to do it yourself?

Most, but not all, of the supplements Dr. Siegel prescribes are available through FullScript, her online pharmacy. If the items you need are available, you may purchase them yourself at FullScript -- up to you.

Just browsing?

If you're curious about what my very favorite supplements are, check out my limited, curated selection in the shop.


NEW Patients

New Patients

You don't need to be an existing patient to order supplements, oils, or self-care items! Peruse our shop to find my favorite high-quality, supremely well-sourced healthcare products. If you need advice, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Siegel via the contact form above. Otherwise, simply order supplements and other goodies by visiting the shop.

To re-order prescriptions from a previous visit, click the "Re-Order" button to send your order to our office.


 Supplements &

Self-care items

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