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Practitioners across the country are stocking their clinics with The Nourish Me Kitchen. Join them?

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The Nourish Me Kitchen 2-volume set is everything you want to teach your patients and clients all in one place! 


Volume One, Essential Health Wisdom 

A first-of-its-kind functional medicine reference book.

Yes, this book is dense with information, but don’t let that deter you; it’s meant to be a reference, available to you and your patients, always. 

This book illuminates the often simple, foundational solutions to our most common ailments and imbalances, including pervasive inflammation, aches, stubborn weight, digestive distress, hormonal issues, brain fog, and fatigue. It will help the people you work with understand that there is no destination with self-care, no awards being given out at the end. The goal is to help people relate to this health information through anecdotes, observations, and data-driven, peer-reviewed research in a way that builds resilience, a sense of agency, and a confidence that we are our own body’s best detective and strongest advocate. The Nourish Me Kitchen is a place where East meets West, where all healing modalities and people have a seat at the table; a place where we can explore the wisdom and beauty of science and nature while optimizing the human experience that we have the privilege of sharing together.



Volume Two, Wholesome Everyday Recipes

A one-stop shop cookbook for everyone, everyday


Preparing food that tastes good and feels good in your body need not be a struggle. In fact, simple, wholesome foods are often the easiest to make. Wholesome Everyday Recipes from The Nourish Me Kitchen is a well- organized and thorough cookbook that focuses on ease of preparation, deliciousness (passing the Picky Children Test!), nutrient-density, ease of modification for special diets, and ideal food sources. This book truly is for everyone. 
This isn’t necessarily a “health food” cookbook, nor is it specifically  gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, keto, or anything else. It is designed to be flexible, allowing you to make adjustments to fit your needs, so you  can feel equipped and inspired to include real food in your everyday life.

You will also discover the value of inviting a naturopathic doctor into your kitchen; opening these pages allows her to share health tips, tricks, teas, and tonics to support common health conditions or ease symptoms. After all, food is our best medicine.
Wholesome, delicious meals from these pages will come together every day in your home — and at your next dinner party, bake sale, or potluck. Help your cells sing with hundreds of easy, healthful, tasty recipes that your friends and family will love.


What other practitioners are saying about the Nourish Me Kitchen 2-volume book set... 


The Nourish Me Kitchen series is not just a reference book, and it’s not just a cookbook; it is the foundation for new life within you.

— Zach Bush MD

This astounding set captures both the spirit and the daily practice of what it means to embody the principles of naturopathic medicine as a way of life. I can’t recommend these books highly enough.
— Greg Nigh, ND, LAc
Naturopathic Oncology Specialist

From the medicinal properties of common culinary foods and spices, to an in-depth journey through the foundational principles of holistic medicine, and delicious recipes to bring it all home—naturopathic physician and educator Erika Siegel does not stop at evidence-based knowledge of food-as-medicine. She also reminds us how our emotional and mental well-being and our sometimes complex relationships with food massively inform our body’s physiology. All at once, Dr Siegel has given us an encyclopedic yet heart- centered masterpiece to use as a guide and resource for creating health and vitality and preventing illness for you and your family.
— Joshua Phillips, ND
Physician and clinical director at Hawthorn Healing Arts Center


Dr. Siegel’s highly approachable and beautifully illustrated 2-volume set is a must-have companion for patients, students, and enthusiasts of all natural medicine systems!
— Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc
Founding Professor, College of Classical Chinese Medicine, NUNM


The Nourish Me Kitchen is absolutely perfect! Reading it is like taking a year-long masterclass in nutrition and the foundations of health, with more amazing pearls of wisdom and recipes than you can count. Everyone who engages with these books will come out healthier on the other end. This book set should be required reading for all patients, students, and practitioners!
— Jessie Black ND Author of The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book, Living With Crohn’s & Colitis, and The Freedom Diet


I find it so refreshing and convenient to have Dr. Siegel’s insightful one-stop resource for nutrition, simple alternatives to allopathic medicine for various day- to-day health issues, and much more. Dr. Siegel bridges the gap between East and West, Doctor and Patient, as well as the old and new paradigms of medicine, to draw focus onto the individual and their whole wellbeing.
— Jeff Chen MD, MBA

Cofounder, CEO of Radicle Science


I can’t think of a better way to support the health of the brain and whole body than following Dr. Siegel’s simple recipes, keen health advice, and deep wisdom.
— Doniel Drazin MD

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