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Embark on a transformative journey toward holistic wellbeing with The Nourish Me Kitchen book set. This game-changing two-volume masterpiece unlocks your body's potential through functional medicine wisdom, self-care secrets, and nourishing recipes.

Revolutionize your approach to health as you discover that food, movement, rest, and self-awareness are your best medicine. Explore practical home remedies, gain expert insight for aging gracefully, and learn to work harmoniously with your healthcare providers. No gimmicks, just essential foundations of health, empowering you to claim vitality and a vibrant life.


Volume 1: Essential Health Wisdom
An East-meets-West field guide for living vibrantly and aging gracefully.​
Opening this book invites a naturopathic physician into your kitchen. In this first-of-its-kind functional medicine reference book, Dr. Siegel shares her practical knowledge and time-tested expertise—backed by peer-reviewed research—empowering you to support and heal yourself with food, medicine, home remedies, and simple self care. 


Volume 2: Wholesome Everyday Recipes
300 flexible & family-friendly recipes to live by,
developed in our kitchen with love.

Preparing food that tastes good and feels good in your body need not be a struggle. In fact, simple, wholesome foods are often the easiest to make. Wholesome Everyday Recipes from the Nourish Me Kitchen is a well-organized and thorough cookbook that focuses on ease of preparation, deliciousness (passing the Picky Children Test!), nutrient-density, ease of modification for special diets, and ideal food sources. This book truly is for everyone. It may be the last cookbook you ever need to buy.

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Pesto - Healthy Recipes

Origin Story:

Every good project has a good story. 20 years ago, as a zealous young physician, I heard my patients struggling as they sat across from me. They were hurting, but not only from their physical symptoms. They were frustrated with the care they were receiving...

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Why did I self-publish?
I have asked myself this many times, as it was NOT easy to manage every single aspect of this tremendous project. However, the reason is pretty simple. I wanted to write the truth, to share knowledge freely even if that means speaking poorly of the industrial food complex...

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Why am I asking for support?
I have needed support, guidance and real-deal help at every stage of this project. Now comes the time when I am leaning on my community of friends, family, patients, and new supporters to make this dream truly come to life...

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What do YOU get out of this?
First, you get a good feeling in your heart that you are part of the solution. You are part of a movement of taking your health in your own hands and helping others to do the same. I know you love and care for a lot of people. Supporting and sharing is a tangible way you can help...

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What are some other ways you can help?
Please share this widely and wildly! Share this page with your people with a personal note as to why you think they should tune in. Perhaps it's because you care about them and know they need more support in their health. Or because they just can't get enough info on...

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What people are saying:
The Nourish Me Kitchen set is not just a reference book, and it’s not just a cookbook; it is the foundation for new life within you. Dr. Erika Siegel has stepped in to be your tour guide to the sensual voyage of being alive and engaged with a nourishing world.
—Zach Bush, MD

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Book Set Has Arrived!

Upgrade your health and wellbeing with this easy, two-volume guide to cooking, eating, moving, resting, and living vibrantly—every day.

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Other Ways to Buy

Don't want to purchase on Amazon or via my wholesale site? You can find the NMK in a variety of in-person bookstores, clinics, and other locations! Check back often, as this list is always growing.

Powell's Books (Portland, OR)

Centered Healing (Portland, OR)

Nourish Me Clinic (Portland, OR)

NUNM Medicinary & Bookstore (Portland, OR)

Urban Wellness (Portland, OR)

Receptive Medicine (Portland, OR)

Hawthorn Healing Arts (Bend, OR)

A Family Healing Center (McMinnville, OR)

Mandala Medicine (Cannon Beach, OR)

Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine (Sherwood, OR)

Middleway Medicine (Talent, OR)

Vervain (Boise, ID)

Elite Chiropractic (New Jersey)

Training Aspects (Voorhees, New Jersey)

The Source For Healing (Staatsburg, NY)

Support the Nourish Me Kitchen

You can also purchase these items to support the NMK publishing process. Help get these books into 10,000 hands, and support your own health too!

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