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Raw Pies - Healthy Recipes
Portobello Burger - Healthy Recipes
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Pesto - Healthy Recipes
Pesto - Healthy Recipes

Like having a Naturopathic physician hanging out in your kitchen!

This two-book set holds in its pages the nuts and bolts of nutrition, wholistic living, and how to heal and support well-being with both food and home remedies. It is chock-full of resources and practical tips, as well as almost 300 simple and delicious recipes for the whole family.


The first volume, Essential Health Wisdom, will lead you through hundreds of vital health tips, tricks, and resources for nourishing the body, mind, and heart. Learn how to use food as medicine — what to eat, what to avoid, how to get your kids to eat their veggies — how to stock a whole foods pantry, and how to use self-care techniques to nourish your whole, true self.


The cookbook, Wholesome Everyday Recipeswill guide you to think outside of the (cereal) box for breakfast, as well as provide ideas for quick and wholesome lunches and dinners that the whole family will be excited to eat.

This book provides support and education in a direct and light style. You will enjoy learning about research-based nutrition and natural medicine in a format that is easy to digest. My goal is that you will feel inspired to make healthy changes in your life and share the gospel with your community. This is not just for the natural living community — it's for everybody!

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