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Available in 2 sizes: 8oz for $20, or 16oz for $40.


An organic blend of superseeds and seaweed — somewhere between a condiment and the main attraction.


Superseeds and seaweed create a synergy you just have to taste to understand. Nutty, savory, rich and satisfying, you may just want to eat this condiment by the handful. Shake generously onto eggs, soup, salad, stir fry, avocado, grains, and more — get creative!


Rich In: fiber, omega 3 essential fats, zinc, iron, magnesium, & iodine


Organic, Nutrient-dense Ingredients: Hemp hearts (raw hulled hemp seeds), brown sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, dulse (sea veggie), sea salt


Serving size: 2 teaspoons


Now available in two sizes! Original Size is 8 oz and 24 servings; Family Size is 16 oz and 48 servings.

Superseed Shake

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