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Essential Health Wisdom
& Wholesome Everyday Recipes 


Check out these recipes from the book to stay nourished

Raw Pies - Healthy Recipes
Portobello Burger - Healthy Recipes
Chia Pudding - Healthy Recipes
Strawberry Basil Lemonade - Healthy Recipes
Pesto - Healthy Recipes

Like having a Naturopathic physician hanging out in your kitchen!

This two-book set holds in its pages the nuts and bolts of nutrition, wholistic living, and how to heal and support well-being with both food and home remedies. It is chock-full of resources and practical tips, as well as 300 simple and delicious recipes for the whole family.


Opening the first volume, Essential Health Wisdom, invites a naturopathic physician into your kitchen. In this first-of-its-kind functional medicine reference book, Dr. Siegel shares her practical knowledge and time-tested expertise—backed by peer-reviewed research—empowering you to support and heal yourself with food, medicine, home remedies, movement, rest, and care. Discover the foundations of your personal wellness and illuminate the mysteries of how your body works through this integrative, East-meets-West field guide for living vibrantly and aging gracefully.


The cookbook, Wholesome Everyday Recipes, contains 300 flexible & family-friendly recipes to live by, developed in our kitchen with love. Preparing food that tastes good and feels good in your body need not be a struggle. In fact, simple, wholesome foods are often the easiest to make. Wholesome Everyday Recipes from the Nourish Me Kitchen is a well-organized and thorough cookbook that focuses on ease of preparation, deliciousness (passing the Picky Children Test!), nutrient- density, ease of modification for special diets, and ideal food sources. This book truly is for everyone. It may be the last cookbook you’ll ever need to buy.

And we have exciting news:
You can order your 2-volume book set NOW! The ebook is also available to purchase and download. 

*Please note that the two volumes in the set are not sold separately.

Until your books are in hand, check out our recipe sneak peaks in the sidebar to jumpstart your Nourish Me journey!  See you in the kitchen. ♥

The book set is available now! Order yours today.

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The Nourish Me Kitchen set is not just a reference book, and it’s not just a cookbook; it is the foundation for new life within you. Dr. Erika Siegel has stepped in to be your tour guide to the sensual voyage of being alive and engaged with a nourishing world. 

Zach Bush, MD

In this two-volume set, Dr. Siegel has accomplished something quite astounding. She has captured both the spirit and the daily practice of what it means to fully embody the principles of naturopathic medicine as a way of life. Beyond that, her lighthearted prose and the illustrations throughout both volumes convey a feeling of playfulness that puts an exclamation point on the information she provides. I can't recommend these books highly enough.


This astounding set has captured both the spirit and the daily practice of what it means to embody the principles of naturopathic medicine as a way of life. I can't recommend these books highly enough.

Greg Nigh, ND, LAc

Pediatric Oncology Specialist

I will literally get this for myself and every mom I know! I am so happy for this labor of love to be finally released to the world.

Sophia Kogan, MD

It has so many things that I go over briefly with patients when I am seeing them. I can’t wait for the day I can pull this out and show them in detail from a reputable doctor. Outstanding.

Amy W

We live at a time when the estranging effects of the industrial revolution, with their legacy of stress, inflammation, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, are progressing more rapidly and severely than ever before. Dr. Siegel’s highly approachable and beautifully illustrated 2-volume set reminds us that nature heals, first and foremost, through healthy food and simple lifestyle adjustments. A must-have companion for students, patients, and enthusiasts of all natural medicine systems!

Heiner Freuhauf, PhD, LAc

Founding Professor, College of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM

I’m replacing nearly every cookbook and self-help book I have with your book set!

Rebecca C

Dr. Siegel’s understanding and synthesis of holistic living is visionary — and more timely than ever. The Nourish Me Kitchen is an encyclopedia of functional medicine, empowering the reader to take health into their own hands. It’s comprehensive, it’s easy to read, and it’s beautifully presented. When it comes to “becoming the best version of yourself” — I could not recommend this more!

John Foley

Founder of Peloton

The Nourish Me Kitchen is absolutely perfect! Reading it is like taking a year-long masterclass in nutrition and the foundations of health, with more amazing pearls of wisdom and recipes than you can count. Everyone who engages with these books will come out healthier on the other end. This book set should be required reading for all patients, students, and practitioners!

Jessie Black, ND

Author of The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book and The Freedom Diet

From the medicinal properties of common culinary foods and spices, to an in-depth journey through the foundational principles of holistic medicine, and delicious recipes to bring it all home, Dr. Siegel, does not stop at evidence-based knowledge of food-as-medicine. She also reminds us how our emotional and mental well-being and our sometimes complex relationships with food massively inform our body's physiology. All at once, Dr Siegel has given us an encyclopedic, yet heart-centered masterpiece to use as a guide and resource for creating health and vitality and preventing illness for you and your family.

Joshua Phillips, ND

I love the Nourish Me Kitchen — it's masterful! 

Lori L

Can’t say it enough: your book set is BEYOND life giving! The time you spent will and is changing lives.

Jessica F

Dr Siegel, this is a MASSIVE accomplishment. I can imagine, and also can’t imagine, how much work this took, with steady unrelenting persistence and BELIEF in yourself and your vision. You have done an amazing job that will benefit so many.

Helen Speith, LAc MSOM

Want to feel more vibrant through every stage, every age of your life? Dr. Siegel has poured every drop of healing wisdom from her mind (and the minds of experts from every field) into this set of comprehensive books. The photos are dazzling, the information addresses all health concerns carefully, there are dozens of restorative recipes, and Erika’s intention to bring people to health just bursts off of every page. If you’ve ever been drawn to healing yourself naturally, these two books are all you need.

-Cynthia lair

Cynthia Lair

Author of Feeding the Whole Family and Feeding the Young Athlete

I have been searching your E-book every day since I got it. It’s going to be my bible. 

Jamie M

This book is everything! I have been reading it a bit at a time – it’s so deep/in depth. You can definitely tell she put her entire heart and soul into it. I thought it was supposed to be a cookbook but its 1000 times better.

Amy W

While Google has answers, when it comes to your health concerns, you can do better. Erika Siegel’s compendium of common-sense solutions and kitchen remedies is invaluable. Along with its companion recipe book, you have the savvy to thrive with optimum nurture and self-care. 


In The Nourish Me Kitchen, Siegel, a practicing Naturopath, melds the best of science and viable tradition and makes it accessible for today’s audience. Regarding a castor oil pack, for example, we learn what the pack is good for, when not to use it, and a no-fuss technique for applying one. Plus, a shopping tip to purchase the oil in a glass bottle. Google can’t compete with Siegel.

Rebecca Wood

Author of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia and The Splendid Grain

Dr. Siegel has complete understanding of the body’s nutritional needs. Her knowledge of the long-term consequences and benefits of the foods we eat have changed my entire outlook on health, my lifestyle, and my family’s diet.

Jamie A

 It is absolutely beautiful, a work of art. You know, I come from a book publishing family in Europe.  Erika’s book comes particularly close to my heart. A volume of health—mindfully grown, professionally informative, and written from the heart, with love.


To receive a treatment from Dr. Siegel is to be in the hands of the "best of the best"; a wise, intuitive, and natural-born healer. She genuinely wants to make optimal health something that is accessible to everyone. The Nourish Me Kitchen is a creation of her knowledge, energy, and vision—it also has her energy infused into it, which means it contains all the pure love that could possibly flow from a human being. 

Traci M, PhD

I was looking forward to my wind-down time with your book all day! Your writing is so easy and fun to read and so informative. The way you explain things makes them truly understandable; its amazing and inspiring! Many people attempt but fall short of drawing the reader in in such a personal, nurturing way. This is going to 100% improve my ability to help and teach my patients! 

Wynter B LMT, DLAc

It’s so exciting that your book is finally getting out into the world. I know it will change lives for the better — it has already changed mine.

Susan B

As a physician trained in conventional medicine, I didn't receive adequate exposure to preventive medicine or foundational self-care. I find it so refreshing and convenient to have Dr. Siegel's insightful one-stop resource for nutrition, simple alternatives to allopathic medicine for various day-to-day health issues, and much more. Dr. Siegel bridges the gap between East and West, Doctor and Patient, as well as the old and new paradigms of medicine, to draw focus onto the individual and their whole wellbeing.

Dr. Jeff Chen, MD/MBA

Founder, Former Exec Director, UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative; Cofounder, CEO, Radicle Science

I was in charge of the veggies for Christmas dinner. I made your Mushroom Ragu and it was a huge hit!

Craig V

Loving this cookbook! Our tribe is definitely benefiting from all your thoughtful and hard work.  Adding a little coconut to those hippie cookies to keep the spirit alive :) Thank you for your generous gift to the world 🧡

Tiffany F

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