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Dr Erika Siegel
Dr. Erika Siegel

Naturopathic doctor, mom, and health educator,

dedicated to the health of the next generation.

I am a mom, physician, health educator, and wife: by nature, a juggler of life’s abundance. I have the honor to practice and preach Naturopathic medicine in Portland, Oregon, where my practice focuses on family medicine. I studied both Western and Eastern Medicine at the National University of Naturopathic Medicine, and practice a lively marriage of the two. My patients, family, community and the magical Northwest inspire me into action and fill my heart. I offer holistic, present medical care, as well as a curated natural pharmacy available to patients and non-patients alike.

health wisdom
and recipes
-to nourish-
the whole family
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I'm honored to share my favorite health products, supplements, and self-care items, which you can order straight to your door. 

I find myself recommending the same health products over and over to my patients, friends, and family; now you can peruse my shop for all of the high quality, supremely well-sourced products I love. You can also find my Superseed Shake, a NourishMe formulation of seeds that elevates your homecooked meals with a superfood punch!

Nourish Me Kitchen Cookbook
The                       Kitchen: Wholistic Health Wisdom & Wholesome Recipes to Live By
Your field guide to wholistic living, with over 200 family-friendly, body-thriving recipes, along with an encyclopedia of resources to unlock a wealth of health knowledge, gain agency over your own nutrition, and learn tips and tricks for nourishing the body, mind, and heart.
The book is coming SOON! 

Read more about it, and sign up for our                        to be notified when it's available.