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Massage Your Boobies!

The breast tissue likes to move and be massaged just like the rest of you! Tucking your breasts away in constrictive bras--along with lack of exercise, shallow breathing, and poor posture--restricts the blood and lymphatic flow to this very important part of your body.

It’s time to start celebrating and massaging the breasts!

Breast tissue is rich with glands and lymphatic tissue, and therefore can be a place of stagnation and toxicity if not moved. Some breast tissue can be very dense and tender, which will actually change with regular breast massage! Simply bringing more circulation and loving attention to your breasts will regenerate the cells and lead to better breast health. You can massage your breasts if you have had surgery or cancer, even on scar tissue; in fact I think it is vital.

The skin on the chest is thin with a lot of fatty tissue, making it a wonderful place to absorb therapeutic essential oils. The center of your chest is home to an important confluence of lymphatic vessels which have crucial roles in circulation, detoxification and immune function. By massaging the breast tissue and chest, you are treating your entire body.


First, know that there is no wrong or right way to massage the breast tissue. You can massage with light or firmer pressure, during any phase of the menstrual cycle or after menopause. Check in with your personal comfort level and let that be your guide. The breast tissue becomes warm and inviting to massage in the shower or right after, and certainly can be massaged by a partner. I suggest you massage the breasts as an act of self care; you are not on a search to find something bad. And once you get to know your breast tissue, anything abnormal will grab your attention.

Put a few drops in your hands and rub your entire chest region from collarbones to solar plexus. Massage the pectoral area and even your armpits! Start slow and soft; a circular motion feels nice for most people. Be curious and slow: this is a powerful time to love & appreciate your body.

Have extra oil on your hands? Bellies love to be rubbed too!


Breast massage oil is a wonderful gift for the women in your life.

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In breast health,

Erika Siegel ND


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