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Veggie Frittata Muffins

This dish is perfect for one of our favorite family activities: spending the weekend with great friends in a beautiful spot. We all share the responsibility of kiddo care, cooking, and cleaning. Before these weekends, I like to prepare some food in advance so I can spend more time having fun. This recipe is one of my favorites for our group. With a quick reheat (in the oven, not the microwave), these eggy, veggie-filled muffins can easily feed two to three families with virtually no cleanup!

Veggie frittata muffins are simply a frittata mixture baked in a muffin cup—no plates or forks required. Make them your own with your favorite add-ins. They’re perfect for brunch and meals on the go, and, since they freeze well, they’re a great make-ahead meal option—just pull them out of